"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

- Chinese Proverb

Ascension into any Cloud is a journey. Our primary charge is to guide your steps with unlimited email, unlimited storage & unparalleled security and uptime so that we can begin for the next phase of energy evolution: Cloud-based energy production, which is a fancy way of saying you can access your daily job from any computer, in any office, in any part of the world.

From Texas to Australia, trust Veritas to seamlessly connect people with the limitless power of google


instant R.O.I.

✔ Unlimited CLOUD Technology
✔ 99.9% guaranteed uptime
✔ 100% Custom google


The below details features and functions of your Google-powered Cloud. Our primary requirement is that you are provided security and peace of mind regarding all matters basic IT, which first starts with how we communicate together: email (to start). Secondary benefits include the plethora of tools Google has already created. Please contact us to learn more.

Core functionality

Messaging: Gmail, Calendar, Contacts
Storage and collaboration: Drive, Docs, Hangouts
Web forums and shared inboxes: Groups for Business
Domain-wide mail and document search, email retention: Vault
Other Google services: Blogger, YouTube, and more
✔ Unified search and assist for content

Usage & Support

✔ Maximum number of users: Unlimited!
✔ Email, document, photo storage per user: Unlimited!
✔ 99.9% uptime guarantee
✔ 24/7 phone support
✔ Priority email support
✔ Video conferencing

Security & admin controls

✔ Password monitoring and strength control
✔ 2-step verification
✔ Single Sign On (SSO)
✔ Enforced SSL connections
✔ User-managed security keys
✔ Domain-wide admin managed security keys    
✔ Mobile device management & audit
✔ Advanced Drive auditing and reports
✔ Advanced Drive administrator controls
✔ Drive data loss prevention
✔ Gmail data loss prevention
✔ Gmail log search in BigQuery
✔ Gmail integration with third-party archiving tools
✔ Security key management
✔ S/MIME encryption for email
✔ Maximum number auto provisioning applications  

new email & web address

✔ A new dot Energy email address
✔ A www address in Google Sites
✔ Complete Ad-free experience
✔ Addresses at multiple domains

Contacts, Lists & Groups

✔ Mailing lists (admin controlled)
✔ Mailing lists (user controlled)
✔ Global directory (internal contacts)
✔ Global directory (external contacts)
✔ Forums and collaborative inboxes

worldwide Access Options

✔ Supported browsers
✔ Mobile phones and tablets
✔ Offline mail and Docs editors
✔ IMAP and POP mail support
✔ Microsoft® Outlook® support

Migration tools & services

✔ Mail, contacts and calendar migration from Exchange®, IBM® Notes®, and other webmail hosts
✔ Email import from webmail host
✔ Multi-user import from Exchange
✔ Multi-user import from IBM Notes

sync options

✔ Sync user data with your LDAP server
✔ Use Exchange Calendar with Google

Please contact us to connect with Brent